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The coffee chat discovery call is our chance to virtually “shake” hands. This call is for ambitious women and men who desire to add more value to their mind, body, and spirit.

During this 30 minute call we determine one of three things: (1) Is Rachel a good fit to help with your transformational journey? (2) Do we have a program that’ll offer an effective transformation? (3) When can you start?


Rachel, Ed.S
Consultant, Behavioral Health & Wellness Specialist

There are moments where you may desire to have close guidance on your journey to building a better relationship with your mind, body, and spirit. Life doesn’t come without hardships, challenges, and downfalls. The question is, how do you handle them.

You see, the services I offer is not just the opportunity to reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, emotional frustration, or high blood pressure, it’s the opportunity to take your emotional, physical, spiritual, and social parts of yourself to optimal performance.

Why is that necessary? Because in John 10:10, God tells us that the enemy comes ONLY to steal kill and destroy. He then went on to say that He himself came to give us life in abundance [overflow].

Which pathway are you on? The pathway where the enemy constantly steals your rest and peace of mind, body, and spirit. Perhaps you desire to be on the pathway to God’s abundance where you live in overflow of God’s yoke.

This 30 minute call is just the beginning of your pathway to abundance. When you’re ready to heal beyond your past, grow in your present, and reset for your future, tap the button below and schedule your coffee chat discovery call.

I look forward to meeting you!

Talk soon,



How do the coffe chat discovery call work?

1) Decide that you desire to use our services, 2) tap the button to schedule a 30 minute virtual “handshake” call, 3) show up to the Zoom call on time, 4) we’ll chat about your area of need

Is there a fee for the coffee chat?

Yes. There is a $50 fee for your coffee chat discovery call.

Is the Coffee Chat Discovery Call fee refundable?

The fee is refundable should we determine that we have absolutely no way to match you with our services.

However, if we match you with our services and you decide to decline, the fee in that case is NOT REFUNDABLE.

What will we discuss on the 30 minute video call?

During this call, we’ll deep dive into your problem and desired transformation. I’ll ask you questions to gain clarity on your outcomes so I can match you with the ideal and most effective coaching service offered.

What's happens after I'm matched with a service?

It’s go time. You’ll receive a welcome package with your next steps and start dates.

How do Virtual Sessions Work?

We’ll meet over Zoom for any sessions whether that’s a one-to-one service or group service.

How can I get started?

Tap the buttons that say “schedule a coffee chat”. You’ll then choose a date that’s applicable to you. You’ll receive a confirmation email after payment is made. You’ll also receive reminders prior to the coffee chat.

Is this an opportunity to ask questions about my problems to receive help?

Absolutely not. The 30 minutes will not lend to you solutions for your problems. This is an opportunity for us to deep dive into your needs and desired transformation. It’s also an opportunity for you to determine if I’d be a good fit for you as well. The work begins after I discover how you would like to move forward with or without us.

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

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