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Whether you’re an individual ready to lead while thriving in your well-being or an organization ready to equip your leadership staff with the tools they need to thrive in their personal leadership and self-mastery, you’ll find the perfect solution with Rachel.


Where Do You Want to Begin Your Leadership Journey?


Set your intentions to influence your outcomes and success.


Influence others through discipline with knowing thyself.


Thrive in emotional intelligence to reduce your stress and increase your productivity.

Message from the Founder


You’re equipped for purpose. To unlock and discover what’s already written for your life you must unlock the revealing of who you are to you. Leadership is about being a good steward of yourself. It’s being faithful over your mind, body, and spirit. Are you living life at your highest level of self? It’s time! Self-mastery is how you begin to thrive in abundance and overflow of purpose in leadership! I want to invite you to thrive in both leadership and life. I’m happy you’re here.

Kind regards,

Rachel Harper, Ed.S

Founder, Leader, Educator, Coach



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