Health and Wellness Consulting

Establish a high value wellness journey by developing and implementing personalized mindset, emotional healing, nutrition, and/or fitness habits.

Are you a woman who desires to..

decrease your blood pressure

decrease your cholesterol levels

decrease your blood sugar levels (pre-diabetic)

decrease stress

If one or more health criteria applies to you, let’s work together.

The Empowered Woman Wellness Consulting call will help you to rewire your brain to become a holistically healthier version of yourself.

While everyone else is forcing wellness tactics that only leaves you frustrated and into the darkness of strict diets and extreme exercise plans, we effectively guide health empowerment using kingdom principles, mindset coaching and professional mind/body balance coaching.

Finding Balance & Peace

The Empowered  Woman Wellness Consultation

While everyone else is only scratching the surface of wellness with impossible diets and impossible fitness plans, I’m inviting you to go deeper.

You’ve made the mistake of believing that balance is bogus. Perhaps balance is bogus for your external circumstances, but what about your internal self?

Is it possible that you’ve made the mistake of applying this concept to your mind and body?

It’s keeping you stuck in the mud of stress, anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, joint pain and many other reversible and avoidable chronic illnesses. 

You have to let go to make room. The same way God made the trees to release leaves in the fall season to make room for fresh abundance in the next season, so God desires you to do the same. 

If you’re ready to get unstuck and grab hold to God’s promises of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational abundance, schedule your call below.

How It Works

Step 1


Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Use the button below to schedule your discovery/initial consultation call.

Step 2

Complete the Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

After you receive your scheduling confirmation you’ll receive your questionnaire. Return the questionnaire within 24-48 hours of your initial consultation call.

Step 3

Speak with Your Consultant

Explain the goal you desire to achieve.

Step 4

Schedule Your Full Consultation

Give your Consultant 48 – 72 hours to put together an effective wellness plan.

Step 5

Receive Your Plan & Deliverables

Your consultant will walk you through your full wellness plan. This is the time to receive your deliverables, ask questions, and set up your next steps.

Discover Your Power

Meet Your Consultant

Rachel Harper, Ed.S

Mindset Coach, Health and Wellness Coach

Rachel has taken her 10+ years of health and wellness experience from behind the four walls of Corporate America to the four walls of her wellness practice.

What makes her coaching expertise different from the next coach?

Rachel has specialized experience working with both the well and sick population of adults. She developed wellness plans for individuals in step-down transition from the cardiac unit of local hospitals in Virginia. She also spent and still spends time working with the well population as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and health educator.

Lastly, Rachel’s mindset coaching sets the foundation of her expertise. Her background in mental health counseling and urban community counseling will make your experience unmatched.

By the End of the consulting relationship, you’ll be able to…

Implement effective physical movement habits to reduce blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.

Implement effective nutrition habits to reduce fatigue, increase energy, and guide weight management.

Implement mindset habits to reduce stress and anxiety.

Develop mindset habits to become consistent and intentional with the health and emotional healing journey.

Effectively develop journaling and meditation practices and habits to reduce stress, anxiety and heal emotional hurts.

Commit to serving your body and mind to show up fully for yourself, family, finances, and future.

Recommit to giving your dreams a chance.

Rachel Harper

Don’t Delay to Schedule Your Initial Consultation Call 

Heal beyond the past. Grow in your present. Reset for your future.



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