Episode #4: Are You In Control of Your Emotions or Are They In Control of You?

Episode #4: Are You In Control of Your Emotions or Are They In Control of You?

Episode #4: Are Your Emotions In Control of You or Are You In Control of Your Emotions?

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Hey Hey! Here we are on the next episode of Changing the Face of Wellness Podcast with me, your Wellness Coach, Rachel. This episode you don’t want to miss.

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Ok. Now that we have that established here are the big takeaways from this episode.


Anchor Text: Proverbs 19:8 MSG

Lesson #1: Are you making the mistake of identifying your emotions as them being your personality? It’s not your personality. It’s actually this.

Lesson #2: Emotional situations call for your COMPLETE FAITH. What does that look like? Here’s the formula.

Lesson #3: Are you leaning into your excuses? Your stress, anxiety, fatigue, worry, and high blood pressure may be the side effects of your excuse.

Lesson #4: God warns us that the enemy comes only to steal kill and destroy. Your out of control emotions may be in this category. Here’ how to turn it around.

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