A Message from the Founder

Welcome to the Woman Reset Family!

This is a thriving community of high achieving women who are journeying from a life of surviving in stress to thriving in peace, love, and a sound mind. How? By making self-healing habits a lifestyle.  Self-healing is the ability to turn inward to give your mind, body, and spirit exactly what it needs to heal beyond stress. That’s why the Woman Reset community exists. Your life, career, and relationships will never thrive when your mind, body, and spirit are filled with stress. Are you living life at your highest level of self? It’s time! Self-mastery is how you begin to thrive in abundance and overflow of healing and health! I want to invite you to take your health to the next level by becoming a part of the community. I’m happy you’re here.

Kind regards,

Rachel Harper, Ed.S

Founder & Educator