Empowering emerging entrepreneurs and professional women to confidently lead in their organizations without sacrificing their well-being.

A Message from the Founder


Not too long ago I thrived in my career and struggled to survive in my well-being. The misconception is that your purpose is what you do. The truth is that your purpose is who you become. While on your pathway to purpose, be a good steward of your well-being so your journey to joy is fruitful.

This is a thriving community of ambitious entrepreneurs, business owners, and professional women who are returning back to leading their lives by mastering their mindset and self FIRST. Self-Leadership is the ability to understand yourself in and out while holding yourself accountable and responsible for your own decisions and actions.

Are you showing up as your highest level of self? It’s time! The world is ready for you and your organization to become #1 in the world! I want to invite you to take your success to the next level by becoming a part of the community. I’m happy you’re here.

Kind regards,

Rachel Harper, Ed.S

Founder & Educator

Woman Reset Academy of Excellence

Woman Reset Academy of Excellence is proud to announce our new self-leadership program for women!

This six-week, hybrid program is excited to bring women the skills, strategies, and wisdom to bring impact and influence into their own lives. The curriculum features courses that brings the essentials of servant leadership, work/life balance, and emotional intelligence to each student. Become your greatest self to develop your greatest impact, influence, and income.

Registration is now open!


Monday – Friday

10:00am – 4:30pm ET


(678) 800-0938



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