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Heal. Grow. Reset. Therapeutic Journal

To love yourself is to spend one on one time getting to relearn who you are. How often do you begin and end your day focusing on your needs? For the next 90 days, this journal of power will guide you to spend five quiet minutes alone regaining your voice, body, power, and sense of self. 

Rachel Harper
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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper


I’m Rachel.

It’s a pleasure to have you stop by. Perhaps you bumped into me on my social media, podcast, or blog. I’m a lover of mental health, faith, and personal development. Seeing women thrive beyond their past hurts is why I’m pumped everyday to work with women just like you.  While you’re here, grab your Heal. Grow. Reset. journal and browse around for more goodies.

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Where do you desire to heal, grow, and reset?

Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper

Pick a path above. Need help knowing where to begin? No problem. Begin with my signature R.E.S.E.T strategy. It’ll help you gain a highly effective pocket guide for your emotional healing toolbox.

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I defy the odds and set new standards.

– Rachel Harper