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Faith-based Emotional Wellbeing

Master the Practice of Peace

A 4-day challenge to build your shield of mindfulness, movement, and meditation against stress and overwhelm.

The Reset Method

Tools to help teachers increase productivity and peace directly inside the classroom.


“Be where your feet are”

-Rachel Harper



“Greet gratitude in the parking lot”

-Rachel Harper



“Slow down and adjust your mind”

-Rachel Harper


Time Management

“Prioritize your needs to succeed”

-Rachel Harper


The Reset Method

The Reset Method is a profound resource by Rachel Harper, an experienced 6-12 educator who utilized her previous expertise in wellness to support teachers in effectively managing stress, fatigue, and overwhelm within the classroom. Drawing from her personal journey of stress triumph, Rachel offers clarity and motivation, empowering you to harness the power of high-level wellness directly in your teaching practice.

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Join me every other week for a new episode packed with tools, tips, and strategies to build up your arsenal of soul care against stress and overwhelm. These decade-plus high-level strategies are proven to help you thrive emotionally, mentally, physically, and professionally.

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Episode 17: Overcoming Overwhelm the Simple Way

Take the techniques inside this episode and implement them now. Bubble baths and basic-level self-care are not required. Reduce your stress in two minutes a day with easy techniques.

Episode 11: Why Is It So Dange Hard to Reset the Mind?!

Learn the four steps to living a lifestyle of mental and emotional R.E.S.T. Use these four steps daily to reduce your stress, anxiety, and emotional fatigue to live happier, healthier, and healed.

Episode 14: 3 Ways to Build Healthy Boundaries

The 3 ways to set healthy boundaries becomes easier over time. To thrive in life, you should set healthy boundaries in relationships. Set them in your relationship with others and the relationship you have with yourself. 

Your Journey Begins Here

Master the Practice of Peace Challenge

Imagine if you learned to powerfully calm your mind, bravely build a balanced body, and reconnect with your identity as your commitment to stewarding your temple while being a vessel for your purpose.


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My Story, My Why

,,I’m a teacher, but I’m also a wife and mother. While I spend a lot of time with my students, I desire to have enough energy and mental capacity to make memories with my loved ones. More importantly, my personal priority is to live a long life filled with physical independence and emotional longevity. That comes with ensuring my mind, body, and spirit are balanced each day. That’s crucial after a long hard day in the classroom. So I journey each day, intentionally prioritizing what matters in my classroom to achieve student success and personal wellbeing. 

Follow along as I help you make longevity, peace, and student success a priority too.


“Your success is not determined by how many papers you can grade in one planning period. Your success stands on your shoulders of alignment.”

“The environment you create in your classroom is your first route to peace.”

“Give students space to lead in their education.”