Launch into the Deep Bootcamp

Unlock the highest version of yourself by gaining clarity on how to effectively manage and prevent physical and emotional disruptors that keep you trapped in the mud and further away from your purpose.

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Your Life is Unmatched

All these years you’ve played small.

You put everyone else ahead of your own needs.

Every year you put up a pretty vision board and it only collects dust.


Because you didn’t realize there were disruptors in your life that you MUST manage and even prevent to release the resistance holding up your fullest potential and life design.

The disruptors of stress, anxiety, emotional and physical fatigue, lack of boundaries, emotional hurt, unforgiveness and more stands in the way of what you are called to do and who you are called to become in this season.

It’s time you begin putting your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs first.

And with the Launch into the Deep Bootcamp, I teach you all about how to make that happen.

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This Bootcamp is for you if…

You have a track record of taking the time to value your mind, body, and spirit.

You desire to remove the roadblocks of declined health out of your life.

You desire to remove the resistance of emotional hurt and  unforgiveness to move towards physical, emotional, and spiritual abundance.

You are coachable.

You understand the importance of investing in yourself and your vision.

You’re ready to hold yourself accountable to finally designing your life according to your own vision for your future.

You want to develop a stronger relationship with God.

You are willing to try new things outside of your comfort zone.

You don’t need anyone to babysit you while on your journey to inner growth and inner healing.

You enjoy learning and implementing new strategies in your mental, physical, and spiritual pathways.

You are ready to skyrocket your physical and emotional abundance to the next level of excellence.

You desire to do what it takes to remove the disruptors out of your life and make room for yourself to play big in the next six weeks.

What are you waiting for?

Rachel Harper, Ed.S

This is not the same old, run of the mill program. This bootcamp is the transformation you need to walk into your abundance knowing how to boss up to the distractors that stand in the way.

I’m Ready to Join the Bootcamp Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel Harper

-your Launch into the Deep Coach

I began teaching high school science back in 2015.

Though I loved my career, I soon fell into the trap of overwhelm and burn out. I launched into the deep of my fears and quit on a whim. There was no option ‘B’.

Moving into the space of entrepreneurship, it took two years of launching into the deep of my life to get unstuck mentally, physically, and spiritually to walk into my abundance. I launched deep into my unhealed emotional wounds, the areas of lack in my marriage, and the areas of lack with the relationship I had with myself.

Fast forward to today, and I have finally designed my life of happiness, health, and healing to include EXACTLY what God says I can have in overflow.

As a Behavioral Health and Wellness Coach, I’ve witnessed how designing your own life of happiness, healing, and health can break strongholds, create generational change, and evolve your pathway to becoming.

I’m an educator and consultant committed to changing the world one pathway to abundance at a time…And I’m ready to help you do the same at the Launch into the Deep Bootcamp live experience.


Launch into the Deep

6 week overview

Week 1

Become a Non-conformist: What experiences have shaped the way you show up in the world? Your abundance is wrapped around you showing up in the world as your authentic self. Identify and overcome your limiting beliefs. Walk through the Life Orbit strategy and put yourself at the center of your life.

Week 2

Voices: What makes the voices of other people more significant than your own? Get clarity and validate your life visions without needing others to do so. Identify the parts of your life you desire to move from lack and into abundance and create S.M.A.R.T. goals to hold yourself accountable.

Week 3

Perfectionism: Is perfection keeping you delayed and away from your purpose? Time to move the adversity of anxiety and fear and embrace courage for your next level of life. Identify the anxiety and fears that can stand in the way of the vision and goals you created in week 2. Walk through the Name It strategy to remove the anxiety and fears out of your way.

Week 4

Resilience: How flexible are you when life rips up your vision in the midst of pain, hurt, and feelings of defeat? Learn how to lean into opposition and fight through your storms with the Lean Into It strategy.

Week 5

Reclaim Your Story: Who or what stole your pen and rewrote your future to be outside the vision you see for yourself? This week you’ll move beyond your past into forgiveness and into your future of growth and abundance. Walk through the I Forgive Me strategy to reclaim your story.

Week 6

Cultivating Joy: After all you’ve been through, have you given yourself permission to live, laugh, and have light? This week, you’ll develop a plan to bring yourself more joy and peace. Walk through the Cultivating Joy Wellness Plan to personalize the journey of your health and happiness.

The Launch into the Deep Live Experience

The Launch into the Deep Bootcamp live experience is your proven path to inner growth and healing. It’s time to remove those barriers keeping you stuck in the mud.

It’s time to design your dream life.

Date: Monday, January 9, 2023

Enroll in the program right now and receive access to the private Facebook group and your downloadable bonuses. Meet Rachel live every Thursday night for your weekly group coaching call.

It’s time to design your dream life.

Here’s What You’ll Receive…

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The Ultimate Life Transformation Designed Exclusively By You 

What are you waiting for?

Rachel Harper, Ed.S

You’ve been trying to design your life on your own. There are; however, gaps in your knowledge on how to live happier, healthier, and healed. It’s time to stop doing it alone. Your legacy needs you to show up as your best optimal self. Mediocrity is not your destiny. Lack is not your legacy. Stress is not your solution. Poverty is not your portion.

So why not leverage your God-given opportunity of abundance?

You already have what it takes. You have the faith, but now it’s time to do the work.

Launch into the deep with me.

What do you say? The choice is yours.


I’m Ready to Join the Bootcamp Rachel