Writing to Heal

Virtual Workshop & Mentorship Class


When Emotional Healing Shows Up, Will You Invite It In?


Saturday, November 12th

7pm – 8:30pm ET

I Didn’t Recognize Myself

First off, let me say I’m excited that you dropped in. You could’ve been anywhere, but you decided to be here. You’re greatly appreciated.

As a former educator who left the classroom to fall back into my first love of mental health and wellness, ironically, I had to hone in on my own expertise when I quit the profession of teaching during the pandemic.

I had to rebuild my relationship with God and my heart. When life slowed down, I noticed unforgiveness from my past creeping into my marriage. I recognized the feeling of unworthiness creeping into my business.

I couldn’t recognize my own personality. It was then that God told me to reset.

God Said to Reset

For quite some time i neglected myself. Not on purpose, but unconsciosly.  I didn’t know my mind, body, and spirit were in a whirlwind for years.

All I knew was that I was balancing the relationships of my career, marriage, and parenting all while failing at the relationship I had, or didn’t, with myself.

When God told me to reset, I went all in. I got vulnerable with God, myself, and my husband. I unraveled emotional hurts that were trickling into my marriage. I got real about the heartache I still felt from my childhood. I paid more attention to my body beyond the desire of just wanting a six-pack again. I dove deep into my personal development.


Rachel Harper

The Journey of 1 Million Miles

My journey of many miles began with one step of hearing God and taking action in obedience.

I moved fear, doubt, shame, unforgiveness, resentment, unhealthy lifestyle habits out of the driver seat and put God there instead.

Does it still try to get in the driver seat from time to time? Most certainly. That’s the human experience. But the difference between now and then is that I use God’s reset formula to keep that which don’t serve me at bay.

In this workshop I desire to give you this formula as well.

Society Couldn’t Be More Wrong

How long have you believed the following sayings…

Time Heals All Wounds

Just Light Candles and You'll Feel Happier

Take a Vacation and You'll Get Over Them

Forgiveness Means You're Ok With What They Did

Therapy is for White People

You Have Everything So Why Are You Sad?

You're Just a Mad Black Woman

Fake It 'Till You Make It. Don't Let Them See You Sweat.

Just Stay Strong.

Depressed? What reason do you have to be depressed?

It’s a lot. Somewhere along the way we’ve forgotten that God said to take His Yoke. Instead, we’ve put societal norms in the driver seat of our lives. No wonder we have so many unhealed wounds, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and frustration.

The Truth Is…

Your Journey to Emotional Freedom is Closer Than You Think

Self-help tools are readily available for your therapeutic use. I’ll show you how to effectively use therapeutic journaling to reduce your stress, anxiety, fatigue, unforgiveness, and more. Your just one word away from optimal emotional health.

When You Acknowledge Your Truth, God Can Use It for Your Good

Romans 8:28 says that God will use everything for your good according to His purpose. That means he wants to use the stories and emotions you’ve swept under the rug and hidden. I’ll show you how to stop allowing emotional bondage of unforgiveness, stress, anxiety, and other emotional frustrations to be your life survival guide.

Healing Your Heart and Mind also Heals the Body

Proverbs 17:22 (MSG) says a cheerful disposition is good for your health; gloom and doom leave you bone-tired. I’ll show you how doing away with the silent assasins of unforgiveness, stress, anxiety, and more can lead to a road of optimal physical health.

Now, It’s Your Turn

I’ve used these strategies in my own life and now I’m ready to pass this formula on to you

What’s the Best Part About the Journey?

You’ll Receive…

Rest for your mind

Rest for your body

Rest for your spirit



Writing to Heal

Virtual Workshop & Mentorship Class


An Exclusive Online Experience

Saturday, November 12th

7pm – 8:30pm ET

This Exclusive Online Experience Includes:


Rachel's Signature Reset Plan where she'll break down the 5-step R.E.S.E.T. process that'll help you develop, implement and execute on your emotional self-healing habits


Powerful teachings to guide you through re-evaluating how you see and respond to situation to keep you from living life through a rear-view mirror


A guided practice that'll show you how to use your 5-step Reset framework as a therapeutic journaling tool for your emotional healing


A clear walk-through on starting a holistic wellness journey that's Biblically sound and operates beyond self-care

Did you Know that Effective Therapeutic Journaling…


Offers an effective way to express your emotions


Offers an effective way to express your emotions


Helps you manage anxiety


Helps you reduce stress


Helps you better cope with depression


Offers the opportunity to track any symptoms day-to-day so that you can recognize triggers and learn ways to better control them


Provides an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thoughts and behaviors


helps you identify what’s causing that stress or anxiety


Promotes the working on a plan to resolve the problems, reduce your stress, and stop ruminating over and over again.

What Do Others Have to Say About Your Emotional Healing?

Billy Graham

Our emotions can lie to us, and we need to counter our emotions with truth.

John Maxwell

If you desire to improve your physical well-being and your emotional outlook, increasing your faith can help you.

Oswald Chambers

Get into the habit of dealing with God about everything.

This Event is Going Down Virtually, but Tickets are limited to 30 Empowered Women to Keep the Space Intimate


Writing to Heal

Virtual Workshop & Mentorship Class


An Exclusive Online Experience

Saturday, November 12th

7pm – 8:30pm ET

General Admission



Frequently Asked Questions


What will I actually be getting out of this workshop and mentorship experience?

At the end of this training, you’ll have a better understanding of how to implement an emotional self-healing lifestyle to heal past, present and future emotional hurts. You’ll walk away with new mindset and physical health habits that gets you clear on how to effectively pursue holistic healing and health for a better lifestyle. All of it is the secret sauce to my emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Desire new connections of like-minded women on a lifestyle journey of healing and health? Here’s where it’ll happen.

Do I need to be at my lowest of emotional lows to attend this experience?

Absolutely not! I believe personal development is what we all need for a lifetime. Would it hurt for you to have a fighters tool-kit for your pillars of emotional health, physical health, and spiritual health? No. From time to time life will hand you lemons. It’s never the wrong time to know how to make lemonade.

I don't like to write. Will there be a lot of writing involved with the journaling?

No. There are many myths about journaling that circulate and keep women from engaging in this self-healing practice. I’m going to show you how to make therapeutic journaling easy and conducive to your likes, preferences and lifestyle.

What if I'm not interested in starting a fitness or wellness journey? Should I still attend?

Absolutely! Guess what, journaling alone has physical health benefits. It helps reduce stress and blood pressure when done correctly. If that’s a wellness journey you don’t mind partaking in, save your spot before it’s gone.

I want to attend, but the date and/or time doesn't work for me. Will there be a replay available?

Yes! Those who reserve a ticket will receive access to the replay for 24 hours inside the private group.

Can I get a refund or transfer my ticket?

There are no refunds so all sales are final. You can always bless another empowered woman who desire to attend, but financial circumstances stand in the way. For help with the process, email info@rachelharper.org and we’ll be happy to assist.

When Emotional Healing Shows Up, Will You Invite It In?