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Heal. Grow. Reset. Therapeutic Journal

Rachel Harper
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What’s the Difference Between the Heal. Grow. Reset. Journal and Others?

The Heal. Grow. Reset. therapeutic journal offers 90 days of healing journal pages. While most journals offer only lined pages, this signature journal offers gratitude, mental health check-in, affirmations, prayer prompt, planner pages, and more.

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It’s A Movement!

Heal. Grow. Reset. is not just a journal…ISSSAA MOVEMENT, SIS! Listen. We move beyond our pain in three stages. First we heal, then we grow, and last we reset. Heal beyond your past hurt. Grow by discovering what you learned. Reset and take charge of your life. Join the movement by getting your Heal. Grow. Reset. journal.

Published Journals & Counting

Stages to Reinventing Yourself

Healed woman Mission

Each Daily Entry Include:

‘Today, I’m Expecting’ Journal Prompt

‘Right Now I Feel’ Mental Check-in

‘What Inspired Me The Most Today?’ Journal Prompt

‘Today’s Prayer’ Journal Prompt

‘Today, I’m Grateful’ Journal Prompt

‘I’m Going to Choose to Feel’ Mental Check-in

‘3 Things I Hope for Tomorrow’ Gratitude Prompt

Daily Planner

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Rachel Harper


This journal and planner is for the purpose-driven individual who desires to heal beyond the past, grow in the present, and reset for their future.

Women’s Groups

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Women Ready to Heal. Grow. & Reset.

Did You Know?

Rachel Harper

Did You Know?

  • Writing down your goals gives you a 42% greater chance of having them accomplished.
  • Journaling helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings and find solutions to challenges.
  • Journaling increases working memory to make life memories even more memorable.
  • Writing has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety

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Rachel Harper

Change Your Life

You don’t change your life by changing your life, but by changing your mind. Your mind is filled with up to 50,000 thoughts per day. Did you know that at least 70 – 80 percent of them are negative? That’s a lot, sis. Therapeutic journaling gives you a tool where you can work through your negative thoughts.  Take away the power of negative thoughts by replacing them with empowering beliefs.

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We’re Taking the World by Storm

Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper

Journaling is one of those easy endeavors that turns out to have its own difficulties.

It is my duty to help women break the bondage of unhealed trauma and pain by turning simple tools into self-therapy and radical self-care.
Everyone can journal, but only those willing to have a new lease on life will take the steps to turn their notebooks into a guided tool for their healing.
Allow me to teach you how! 
-Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper
Rachel Harper

Thanks Mrs. Harper. This journal is making a great difference in my world. I look forward to journaling every night and day. I see growth within myself. I started this journal 4/24/2022 so in a few short months I have grown so much, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I told my family about the journal because, truthfully speaking, everyone should have this book.

C Joyner in Virginia

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