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Reclaim the effectiveness of educators through workload management and teacher well-being training.

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Reclaim the beauty of your breath through workload management and well-being group coaching for educators.

Heart Health Consulting

Reclaim the beauty of your breath and peace through individual workload management and well-being strategies for educators.


In a world where highly qualified secondary educators are in high demand, the school system struggles to retain them.

Secondary schools are hungry for teachers who effectively plan instruction and create a well-managed, safe, inviting, and academically challenging classroom.


>>> 57% of teachers burnout from stress due to their heavy workload

Due to this reason and others, educators leave the profession at alarming rates. When educators leave the classroom, schools are at increased risk of using inadequate and unqualified support to fill roles. Evenmore, unfilled teaching positions cause leaders to spread and increase the workload of educators already in roles with an overload of work.

It’s time to develop strong workload support for new and returning secondary educators.

Read this best-seller and learn five strategies to increase your productivity and peace inside your classroom.

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