Creating Better Habits for Your Mind & Body

The Well Woman Live Intensive

The Well Woman Intensive is the live 5-day experience for women ready to create habits of healing to balance their mind and body.

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The Well Woman Monthly Workshop

Learn effective wellness strategies with the free monthly workshops.

The Well Woman Intensive

Take 5 days to set the foundation of your journey by learning how to create effective habits of healing to balance your mind and body.

The Well Woman Bootcamp

Take the next 12 months to DEVELOP a lifestyle of wellness with health coaching and mindset coaching for your mind and body.

The Well Woman Inner Circle

Take the next 12 months to MAINTAIN a balance of your mind and body with life coaching, health coaching, and personal development coaching.

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Finding Balance & Peace

Reduce your stress, anxiety, fatigue, and chronic illness by balancing both your mind and body. While others are pushing strict diets and overwhelming exercise regimens, we teach intentional habits, renewed mind, and God’s will that trickles into your self-healing body movement.

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Rachel comes to the table with more than 10+ years in corporate America teaching women and men how to regain their mind and body momentum.

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