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Self-Leadership Enrichment Program

Self-Leadership. Impact. Influence. 

Woman Reset Academy of Excellence

Woman Reset Academy of Excellence is proud to announce our new self-leadership program for women!

This six-week, interactive program is excited to bring ambitious women and professional women of color the skills, strategies, and wisdom to bring impact and influence to her healing and health journey. The curriculum features courses that brings the essentials of reducing stress, increasing work/life management, and achieving self-mastery through emotional intelligence. Become your greatest self to develop your greatest impact and influence in your life and the lives of others.

Registration is now open!

Who Should Enroll?
  • Women business owners and entrepreneurs who desire to achieve skills to increase impact, influence, and income.
  • Women experts (coaches, consultants, authors, speakers) with innovation for leadership.
  • Women who lead in their specific role in their families
  • Executive Women Leaders
What is the Length of the Program?

There are three courses offered over the length of six weeks (3/6). 

Each class is offered in a cohort. Each class last two weeks.  Each program is hybrid. You’ll learn the lesson via recorded video. The following Thursday night, the class will meet as a group live on Zoom for office hours and enrichment. Homework will be submitted via Teachable.

What is the Length of Each Course?
  • Each course lasts two weeks.
  • You have 14 days to watch each recorded lesson.
  • Office hours are Thursdays, 6:30pm – 7:45pm ET
What are Office Hours?

Office hours is the opportunity for you and your classmates to meet live via Zoom with your instructor for an enrichment lesson and Q&A.

Office hours are every Thursday 6:30p – 7:30p EST

When Does the Next Cohort Begin?

February 27, 2023 – April 6, 2023

Is the Program Online or In Person?

This program is 100% online in the hybrid format. You’ll get access to the video trainings via Teachable. You’ll also meet live every Thursday 6:30p – 7:30p for office hours.

How Do I Register for the Enrichment Program?

Those interested in the program must attend the monthly masterclass.

Register for the live masterclass here.

What Will I Receive at the Conclusion of the Program?

Outside the strategies, tools, tips, and wisdom gained, you’ll receive a certificate to your email showing you engaged in a professional development opportunity.

Where Can I Get More Information?

You can join the monthly information session to receive information about the program.

Register here.

You can also email us at info@rachelharper.org.

Let’s Make Sure the Woman Reset Self-Leadership Enrichment Program is for You

You have a business or career that’s profitable, but you acknowledge that you often allow limiting beliefs stand in your own way of the increased profits you could make.


You’re an ambitious woman whose juggling life left and right and now you need a better strategy to make work/life management real for you.


You’re thriving in your career, but you need to step up the focus on your emotional health life pillar so stress don’t take you out before you and your family can fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.


The Woman Reset Self-Leadership Enrichment Program is the Exact Program for You

Your Life Before Enrolling in Woman Reset Self-leadership Enrichment Program


Juggling work and life is hectic so the things you intend to do and the people you intend to give focus receives the least of you.


Your limiting beliefs and doubts about what’s possible for your life and business/career don’t match the vision you have for yourself.


Emotional triggers keep you walking in stress and overwhelm without the ability to make wise and decisive decisions that’ll move the needle in your life and career.

Your Life AFTER Enrolling in Woman Reset Self-leadership Enrichment Program


You create intention in your mind to live according to your purpose and you see it manifest and come to pass.


You walk and talk with BIG, BOLD faith and moves to match so your vision aligns. 


You can identify your emotional triggers and have the ability to make wise and decisive decisions that’ll move the needle in your life and business/career without stress standing in the way of your purpose.

A Message from the Founder

Welcome to the Woman Reset Family!

This is a thriving community of ambitious and high achieving women who are giving their mind and body exactly what it needs to thrive. That’s why Woman Reset exists.  Are you showing up for yourself as your highest level of self before pouring into others? It’s time! The world is ready for you to step up and show out! I want to invite you to take your mind and body to the next level by becoming a part of the community. I’m happy you’re here.

What Do You Say?

If you haven’t noticed, we are servicing ambitious women to gain self-mastery so they have the tools to rest their minds from the worries and stressors of life.

For too long, you’ve used hair and nail appointments, bubble baths, and candles as your way of reducing stress. 

That’s not enough. You have to dig deeper and go inward to the foundation of the condition of your mind, body, and spirit.

Your impact and influence no longer desires to hide behind stress, work/life imbalance, or emotional lack.

When you’re ready to gain mastery of your mind, body, and spirit and fully walk in your purpose, join us in the next cohort to get started.

Talk soon,

Rachel Harper, Ed.S

Founder and Educator

By the End of This Program, You’ll Walk Away With…

…POWER to walk away from limiting beliefs while walking towards faith + works to upgrade your life & career.


…BOLDNESS to make decisions outside your comfort zone so you can propel yourself faster into your next season of productivity and financial blessings..


…STRENGTH to identify your emotional triggers to keep stress from overtaking your mind and body.



…AUDACITY to speak life over every circumstance so you don’t fall into the emotional or mental stronghold of the enemy.


​…FEARLESSNESS to walk fully into your boundaries and self-discipline so mental, emotional, spiritual,  physical, and financial blessings will have your name on it.


The Woman Reset Self-Leadership Enrichment Program is the Exact Program for You


Essentials of Servant Self-Leadership

This course will give ambitious women of impact and influence an understanding of both faith-based and secular service for self. She will develop a life mission that aligns her life and career with the servanthood that best suits her vision for her mind and body.

Mastering Work/Life Management

This course will provide ambitious women of impact and influence effective strategies, skills, and tools to develop a life plan that offers a healthy management of both her professional and personal life.

Emotional Intelligence and Thriving Self-Leadership

This course will give ambitious women of impact and influence strategies and skills necessary to identify her emotions and emotional triggers while also creating a holistic healing & wellness plan to reduce current and future stress.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about the Woman Reset Self-leadership enrichment program, join us on the next live session here (link).

If you need a question answered sooner, you can email info@rachelharper.org