Episode #1: Do You Need to Change the Face of Your Wellness?

It’s Nice to have You

Hey Hey! Here we are on episode #1 of Changing the Face of Wellness Podcast with me, your wellness coach, Rachel. This episode you don’t want to miss. 

Well, more than likely I’ll say that about every episode. So don’t miss this one and any ones after.

Ok. Now that we have that established here are the big take-aways from this episode.


Lesson #1: This podcast is the place for women to have high level conversations about living in optimal performance emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Here’s one important topic we’ll dive deep into soon.

Lesson #2: Many of the places where we struggle, it’s because we aren’t reading the word [scripture]. This is how scripture is relevant to your mind, body, and spiritual self.

Lesson #3: Wellness is so much more than what’s on your plate or the vain metrics of the six pack and tight arms. It’s also about this.

Lesson #4: Rachel asks what are the Biblical principles you can lean on to reduce your stress, anxiety, fatigue, emotional frustrations, and high blood pressure so you can be in better relationship with yourself.



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