VIP Day Coaching is the opportunity for ambitious experts, entrepreneurs, and service-based business owners to master the health of their mind, body, and spirit in the next 90 days or less.


With over a decade of schooling and career expertise in physical and mental health, you’ll have holistic healing and excellence in your life in no time.


Focus Areas

Stress Management

Learn how to set boundaries, balance your life, and more.

Work/Life Balance

Develop a plan to manage your personal and professional life.

Faith-Based Holistic Health and Healing

Feed your mind, body, and spirit exactly what it needs to live in abundance. Develop better eating habits, take your movement to the next level, and commit to the healing promises and principles of God.

Q & A

Why should you schedule a discovery call with Rachel?

This is an opportunity to discuss your current goals and have Rachel determine the best route to achieve your vision.

How does the discovery call work?

You’ll automatically book your appointment by clicking the ‘Apply to Work One-to-One with Rachel’ button. On the day and time of your choosing, you’ll speak with Rachel about the vision you desire to achieve.

What happens after the discovery call?

You’ll schedule a STRATEGY CALL to meet with Rachel. She’ll walk you through your new solution and plan so you have an effective direction to achieve your vision.

What if my vision don't match with any programs or services you have?

We’re 100% honest about whether or not your vision and our programs or services match. During the 30 minute call, we’ll decide before the call is over and you’ll know if we are a good fit or not.

If you’re looking for:

Freedom to Live Happier

You’re done living life according to the way of society. Starting you day with an overwhelmed mind and ending the day with an underwhelmed heart. Learn how to design your lifestyle with boundaries, work/life balance, and spiritual abundance.

Freedom to Live Healthier

You’re done living life according to the ways of society. Starting your day rushing out the door without another plan for your meals, exercise, or stress relief. Learn how to design your lifestyle with upgraded eating habits, exercise planning, and reduced exhaustion.

Freedom to Live Healed

You’re done living life according to the ways of society. Starting your morning and ending your night focused on the hurts of your past. Learn how to design your lifestyle with your mind focused on God’s promises instead of the promises of the enemy.

Great News.

You’re In the Right Place!

You’re just one commitment away from designing your life where lack of happiness, declining health, and leaving healing on the table is NOT YOUR PORTION.

Is This Right for You?

You're coachable and committed to YOURSELF
You're ready to design your life to be holistically in abundance
You're ready to take back your mind, body, and spirit
You're disciplined enough to stick to your vision in spite of the rough times

“It’s time to live happier, healthier, and healed. “

Let's Do This!

Fill out the quick application to start the process of working with Rachel. Once your information is submitted and your phone call date and time is confirmed, you’ll be on your way to living happier, healthier, and healed. You deserve this!!