The Healing and Health Reset Challenge

You are about to embark on the solution to the biggest problem most woman face when pursuing their life assignments of journeying towards God’s abundance. 

They face the problem of getting in their own way mentally and by way physically when carrying out their divine assignment.

This 5-day virtual experience is for women who desire a spiritual formula to reset her mind and body back to a place of balance and away from the pathway of stress, anxious thoughts, mental and physical fatigue, and high blood pressure that keeps her trapped in frustration and lack.

Start Date: Monday, October 10

Start Time: 7:00 PM

Start Venue: Zoom

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The Mind & Body Reset Challenge will help you to develop and implement highly effective habits to reduce your stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

While everyone else is forcing lower level tactics, we effectively empower and equip women with strategies and kingdom principles that helps them unlearn the ways of mind/body/spirit destruction to relearn how God says to walk in abundance mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The Mind & Body Reset Challenge

What makes this opportunity different than others?

While everyone else is only scratching the surface of the mind or body with lopsided attempts of impossible diets, fitness plans, and motivation we’re inviting women to go deeper; get to the root.

You’re stuck in the mud of stress, anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, joint pain and many other reversible and avoidable chronic illnesses. 

You have to let go to make room. It’s time to stop sitting on the throne trying to manipulate and manuever your way to abundance. It’s already your birthright. Abundance is yours. All you need to do is take control and tap itnto it.

The same way God made the trees to release leaves in the fall season to make room for fresh abundance in the next season, so God desires you to do the same. 

If you’re ready to get unstuck and journey with other Journey-ers to Gods promises of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational abundance, register below. 

Finding Balance & Peace

It will be difficult to heal your body of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and illness until you heal your mind. It’ll be difficult to heal the mind until you become willing to heal your heart; the emotional self.

To heal the heart, you must accept and take your spiritual self for the ride. Bring all parts into submission. To heal means to be whole. Bring your whole self into intention and submission.

This 5-day challenge will show you how.


Daily Sessions

Day 1

Renew Your Mind

Implement effective mindset habits to reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Day 2

Repel Excuses

Implement effective habits of reading your emotions and understanding its impact on yourself and your relationships.

Day 3

Strategize the Works

Learn self-healing activities that you can implement from the comfort of your own home to target the maintenance of your physical, mental, and spiritual abundance.

Implement physical tools that’ll help you release your hurts, goals, ideas, and desires to God.

Learn the secret behind manifesting a life of abundance.

Day 4

Execute on a Sample Mind-Body Balance Experience

Get your comfy clothes on. It’s time to engage in actionable strategies that’ll make your mind-body balance journey effective.

Attend a virtual morning faith-based morning meditation routine with Coach Rachel to set the tone for your day.

Let’s finish the night with the Journals and Jazz experience.



Day 5

Take Charge on Your Abundance

Take charge of your life with a solid healing and health execution plan that’ll keep your mind and body balanced beyond the length of this challenge.

Give stress, anxiety, fatigue, frustration, and high blood pressure its eviction notice.

Take the next step of executing on your plan within an accountability group to solidify consistency for your journey.

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Discover Your Power

The mistake you’ve made is starting your past healing and health journey believing all you needed to do was eat right and exercise.

You see, you don’t need yet another carbon copy template of a wellness plan.

Today, it’s time to dig down into the roots of your stress, anxiety, fatigue, and frustrations to keep your mind, body, spiritual, and relational wealth at an all time high.

Once you can see God correctly, you’ll then see yourself correctly.

Once you can see yourself correctly, you’ll finally see yourself as deserving of healing habits for your mind, body, and heart.

This is where your journey will begin THIS time.

We can throw you a quick meal and exercise plan, but that’ll just be putting a band-aid on the real work necessary to reach the highest version of yourself.

Take back your power.

Will You Be In the Next Challenge?

Rachel Harper, Ed.S

Mind & Body Reset Challenge Coach

You, the Empowered Woman, believe you can live a John 10:10 life; a life where God gives you a life of abundance.

You desire to live a life that is in God’s will.

The Empowered Woman is…

ready to develop, implement, and stick with habits that’ll make her healing and health a part of an intentional lifestyle.

determined to build a tool-box of effective mental, physical, and spiritual strategies that are not YouTube and Pinterest templates, but biblical templates.

ready to give her mind and body more love and rest.

ready to develop mindset habits and identify shifts to finally see herself as the image bearer of God.

By the End of the Challenge, You’ll Be Able to…

Implement effective mindset habits to reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Stop self-sabotaging your birthright of abundance by ridding yourself of personal oppositional excuses.

Take back all the enemy tried to steal by becoming a strategizer and obedience to God’s word.

Take your healing beyond self-care with intentional acts and habits of self-healing tools for the ultimate mind and body balance.

Effectively develop journaling and faith-based meditation practices and habits to reduce stress, anxiety and heal emotional hurts.

Commit to serving your body and mind to show up fully for yourself, family, finances, and future.

Recommit to giving your dreams a chance.

Enrollment Options

General Admission

Access to 1 hour live challenge sessions

Access to live challenge session replays for 24 hours


Gold VIP Admission

Access to 2 hour live sessions

Access to 5-day backstage pass to the 1 hour Platinum VIP, Q & A Sessions

Access to 1 hour live challenge sessions

Access to live session replays for 24 hours


Platinum VIP Admission

Access to daily 2 hour live sessions

Access to 5-day onstage pass to ASK specific wellness questions during the 1-hour Q & A sessions, daily

Access to 1 hour live challenge sessions

Access to live session replays for 24 hours


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Refunds are only allowed within 24 hours of enrolling in the program and no later than the first day of the program. After session 1 begins, refunds are not allowed.

Heal beyond the past. Grow in your present. Reset for your future.



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