An Essential Guide of Powerful Strategies to Build a Bridge between Teaching, Learning, and


Have you ever felt your health and well-being declining while trying to survive the demands of teaching?

Grab the book to learn the keys to balancing your classroom and well-being.

As a career-switcher from healthcare to education, Rachel excelled as a successful teacher while managing balance and well-being in such a demanding career.

Rachel Harper utilizes her expertise in education and healthcare to guide educators in cultivating purposeful and harmonious teaching practices that keeps their well-being in mind.

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The Reset Method

Are you a dedicated educator, passionate about making a difference in your students’ lives, but find yourself drowning in the overwhelming demands of teaching? If you’re tired of sleepless nights, constant overthinking, and the feeling that there’s never enough time, Rachel Harper’s transformative guide is your roadmap to reclaiming balance, joy, and fulfillment in and out of the classroom.

You’re the perfect reader for this book if…

  • You want to balance your life
  • You want to reclaim your joy and fulfillment for work and life
  • You’re ready to say goodbye to burnout and hello to a purpose-driven teaching career
  • You no longer want overwhelm to be your daily norm
  • You desire to rejuvenate your mind and body
  • You’re challenging yourself to work smarter and not harder this school year and beyond

Get the 5-step action plan in her new book, The Reset Method

Now available on Amazon

Your Reset Journey is Worth It.

Trying to remain an effective teacher while balancing home life left her burnt out with very little to give herself. She found herself in the middle of her classroom with her heart uncontrollably beating profusely and the ceiling spinning. Rachel made her way to the school clinic. The nurse took her blood pressure and then asked her one question, “Do you want me to call the ambulance?” That day she put God back in first place and herself in second. She reset her total life intentionally without guilt.

Now available on Amazon

About the Author

Rachel Harper is an educator who restored her well-being through balance and peace. Rachel is passionate about helping individuals reconnect with God and themselves to thrive in power, purpose, faith, and good health.

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