Episode #2: Sick and Tired of Not Living in Abundance & Overflow? Stop Doing This.

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Hey Hey! Here we are on the next episode of Changing the Face of Wellness Podcast with me, your Wellness Coach, Rachel. This episode you don’t want to miss.

Well, more than likely I’ll say that about every episode. Anywho, don’t miss this one and any one after.

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Ok. Now that we have that established here are the big takeaways from this episode.


Anchor Text: John 10:10

Lesson #1: Stop looking at God as a genie in a bottle who ONLY offers you money. He’s so much bigger and so much more than that.

Lesson #2: Determine what you desire abundance to look like in your life. This is how.

Lesson #3: If abundance is more than money, what else could it look like. Here’s your answer.

Lesson #4: Sometimes we limit what we can have because we limit who God is and how we desire him to show up. Here’s what you can do instead.

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