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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

Hey! I’m Rachel. I’m a mother, wife, and community counselor.  I empower women to utilize self-healing therapeutic tools such as therapeutic journals, spiritual principles, and  community to heal beyond the past, grow in the present, and reset for the future.  It wasn’t that long ago that God gave me the word RESET as I quit my corporate job October of 2020. I kept prominantely hearing and seeing the word reset in music, television, sermons, and other places. I knew it meant something more. 

It was almost two years before I fully understood what God was telling me. It was his spiritual formula to healing, growing, and resetting so I could live fully in abundance and peace. This 5-step formula is now the root of my brand. It is introduced to women who come into my Woman Reset community.

So, if you desire to heal beyond the emotional hurt of your past, grow in your present, and reset for your future, join me and other like-minded women who are doing the same.


I defy the odds and set new standards.

– Rachel Harper



1-to-1 help to engage your life in self-healing of emotional pain.

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Restart, reboot, and reset your peace.

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Meet monthly with like-minded women who are ready to heal from the past, grow in the present, and reset for their future.

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Get 90 days of journal pages and healing prompts.

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Meet with like-minded woman who, too, desire to invest in their self-healing, personal growth and development.

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