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About Rachel

In short…

I’m a mother, wife, and educator and lifelong wellness enthusiast who is taking my education and healthcare experiences to the masses.

But more than that…

I’m passionate about liberating the Black community from sickness and early death due to preventable diseases.

I grew up spending most of my days on the track.

Obtaining a scholarship to run division one track in college was my introduction to health and wellness on a personal level. It was also my introduction to learning the ends and outs of heart health, health equity, and wellness as I majored in kinesiology and exercise science.

I spent time not only doing right by my body but also helping sick individuals in hospitals maintain their heart health after cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, stents, and heart bypass, to name a few.

I went from healthcare to education.

Working in healthcare, I grew a passion for individuals with cognitive disabilities. I thought, well, I love science and I have a new passion for individuals with disabilities, I’ll become an educator.

Becoming a high school science and math teacher to students with disabilities was another highlight of my professional career until I burned out.

Standing in the middle of my classroom, my heart began beating out of my chest. The ceiling started to spin. As I rushed my way to the nurse office, I finally arrived in a mini panic. I didn’t know what was happening to me.

She sat me down, gave me a small cup of water, and proceeded to take my blood pressure. It was very high. She asked if I needed her to call an ambulance.

That was the day I refocused.

My quality of life now has new meaning.

I no longer weigh 110 pounds. I no longer have a six-pack. But I thank God that I have the professional knowledge that allows me to live in good health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’m blessed with the opportunity to teach the community how to develop discipline and healthy habits to heal their minds and bodies.

I also bring women and men along to revolutionize their journeys.

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