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Hi, I’m Rachel! 

Change is Here

In a world where highly qualified secondary educators are in high demand, the school system struggles to retain them.

Secondary schools are hungry for teachers who effectively plan instruction, and create a well-managed, safe, inviting, and academically challenging classroom.


>>> 57% of teachers burnout from stress due to their heavy workload

Due to this reason and others, educators leave the profession at alarming rates. Overwhelmed and burned-out teachers who remain in the profession are less effective educators.

It’s time to develop strong wellness support for new and returning secondary educators.

>>>I work with secondary and higher-ed leaders by supporting their efforts to promote teacher well-being through productivity and stress management training.

>>>I work alongside teachers by supporting their efforts to increase their productivity and mental peace to succeed inside and outside their classrooms. 

It is a privilege to work alongside my fellow educators in the effort to promote the care of the most overworked professionals in America.

In my corporate experience, I led a team of wellness specialists to develop community wellness programs.

In addition, I spent time helping the sick population of individuals with chronic illness and heart procedures become well through exercise science programming.

It’s beneficial that I take my expertise and deliver support to keep highly effective teachers in the profession.

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Our Goals

Retain highly qualified educators in the profession

Our goal is to retain highly qualified educators in the profession so all students have access to a high quality of education.

Increase the self-healing skills of educators

The field of education is overwhelming. Our goal is to provide teachers and educational leaders self-healing tools and strategies to balance the mind, body, and spirit throughout the school year and breaks.

Do less and still achieve student success

Many teachers don’t know how to use their resources wisely. Our goal is to offer teachers strategies that allow them to leverage people and technology  without overwhelming themselves in route to student success.

Our Journey to Longevity

The wellness coaching resources and wellness education tools offered to my community are premium level. As someone who spent time as an athlete, working in the wellness sector for over a decade, and teaching in secondary schools, I practice what I know and experienced. So as I journey with you to longevity and premium emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, know that we’re journeying together. 

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