Empowered Woman Wellness Practice

Renewing the mind and body back to peace that surpasses all understanding.


About Our Wellness Practice

We teach women how to build a holistic lifestyle of wellness from the inside out.

While everyone else is pushing extreme diets and physical changes for external likeness, we’re inviting women to get out of sickness bondage from the inside out.

It will be difficult to heal your body of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and illness until you heal your mind. It’ll be difficult to heal the mind until you become willing to heal your heart. To heal the heart, you must accept and take your spiritual self for the ride.

We help women bring all parts into submission for inner healing and growth. Why?

Because on the other side of her stress, anxiety, fatigue, additional weight, emotional pain, and chronic illness is God’s abundance.

Choose Your Path

 On-Demand Bible Study Replay

Learn the #1 mistake your healing and health can’t afford you to make

…especially if you’re overwhelmed and shackled to stress, anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol

The Healing and Health Makeover Challenge

A 5-day virtual experience for ambitious women who desire to lead their health and wellness journey by healing, growing, and resetting their whole self.

Finding Balance & Peace

Allow us to further empower you, the empowered woman, to take back the power of your mind, body, and spirit by diving deep into the healing and health of your inner-self.

Heal. Grow. Reset. Monthly Study

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Heal beyond your past. Grow in your present. Reset for your future.


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